she dead

This happened to me in grade school and I had to go to the hospital. No joke.

Johannes Vermeer, Woman reading a letter at an open window,  c.1658

"You’re not graduating yet?"

I had this episode on an orange VHS and I want to be 8 years old again.


 I will wear what I want.

 I will get tattoos if I want.

 I will wear makeup if I want.

 I will dye my hair if I want.

 I will pierce whatever I want.

 I will shave what I want.

 I will lose weight if I want.

 I will gain weight if I want.

 I will have sex if I want.

 Stop telling me what to do with my body because I’m a girl. 


my neck

my back

my pizza

and my snacks

The concept of virginity pisses me off. I lost my virginity late in life simply because I haven’t fallen in love/didn’t have many available options of guys I was attracted to/wasn’t comfortable with anyone yet. And when I lost my virginity, I finally felt comfortable. It’s the fact that even though I haven’t had much sex/what society thinks how much sex I have—who the fuck cares. It’s none of your business. Fuck everyone.


makes sense why willow smith is just so detached from the family, she been living on the other side of the house with MTV on all day